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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Roasted Eggplants
At Bounce Into Health we want to empower you to stay strong both physically and mentally. We know the struggles endured on a day to day basis...we live busy and at many times stressful lives and the first aspect of our life to suffer is our health. A national survey in Australia found that 1 in 3 are unhappy with the way they look. 1 in 2 people felt their body weight and shape is important compared to other things in their life. So let's do something about it!
At Bounce Into Health we get it! We understand you! We understand your challenges of everyday life! We understand the struggles of putting yourself first! We understand that often time feels like it's against you! We get the lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence! We get the fears and self-doubts!
As a Certified Nutritionist, working for many years in the Behavioural Epidemiology Department at Deakin University, and also her own personal experiences with anorexia as a young adult, Dr Maree Marino knows the importance of mindset and body image. She knows first hand how debilitating a negative mindset can be on how we view ourselves on a physical level.  
Maree believes that every person has the power to take control of their health with food and lifestyle choices that best supports their specific needs. A solid foundation of healthy food and healthy lifestyle choices can benefit and improve every physical and mental barriers one experiences. 

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