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How easy is it to convince ourselves of simple tasks, only to unknowingly complete them via alternative circumstances? Seems a little silly doesn't it? But it happens and the example pictured is a classic "it's too hard" situation for a simple task.

Extensive studies have shown the benefits of drinking a minimum of 2L of water per day to be adequately hydrated and support our overall health. When attempting to lose weight and reduce body fat, water is a great calorie free hydration source which can help you feel fuller resulting in less overeating. The reason why so many people struggle is because "it's not enjoyable". Alcoholic beverages, creamy coffees, fizzy drinks, sweet fruit smoothies and juices are so much more appealing compared to something that tastes basically of nothing. While it's true that the drinks mentioned do hydrate you to a certain extent (and yes I have heard this argument a number of times), they come at a significanly higher calorie cost and overall less healthy outcome for our body.

I can not emphasise enough the importance of the role water plays in our body from maintaining the health of cells all over our body to aiding the flow of our bloodstream.

So next time you think how hard it is to consume 2L of water, look at all the other drinks you're consuming and think about making some changes. It can be what is holding you back from reaching your health and weight goals.

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