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Dr. Maree

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From near death anorexia to nutrition specialist and fitness enthusiast
Maree Giannetti has been a Certified Nutritionist since 2013. She achieved her PhD in Nutrition from Deakin University after completing her undergraduate and honours also at Deakin University. Setting up her business in 2014, she specialised in assisting clients with eating disorders and infertility issues. 

Maree has now introduced a new era consulting nutrition consultations. As a busy woman juggling a number of life tasks, she knows too well about the struggles of getting to appointments. In an era where time means money, taking care of own seems to have taken a back seat. Hence, providing online consultations gives everyone the opportunity to keep on top of their health and knock down those barriers which come in our way.

Maree's approach not only comes from her expert knowledge in both nutrition and psychology, but also from a personal approach. Maree is a survivor of Anoreixa Nervosa, having endured this debilitating disease at the age of 17. She understands the self-doubts, lack of confidence and the fears which surround women of all ages about their body. The pressures which society places on women to look a certain way, act a certain way and take on certain roles is immense. In her early 20s, Maree was told she most likely would struggle to conceive. The mental impact this had and the pressures which came with this was enormous. Maree decided that she could either succumb to this news and give up or stand back up, fight against any resistance life threw  at her and become stronger both physcally and mentally. Her first child was born in 2009 followed by another 3 children in the years proceeding.   

Dr Maree wants to inspire women to take control of their lives through good nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle. Her goal is to make you feel confident, strong, powerful and motivated. 

Through her programs and consultations, you will be taken on a journey of self discovery. You will discover that eating well, enjoying food without fear, without doubts, and incorporating healthy exercise into your daily routine with the guidance of professionals, will be the best decision you make.

And it can all be done in the comfort of your own space, wherever that may be for you! 
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