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Weight's more than just looking good

As difficult as the conversation may be, let's get honest and proactive about this. Weight loss isn't all about how great you look in that dress or those jeans. Do you know anyone who has had to endure knee or hip surgery at a very early age? Yes, we probably all do. The unfortunate truth is, it is happening for people younger and younger. Sports injuries are not the only reason that your body begins to break down. Did you know, if you are 15 kilos overweight you can expect an additional 30 kilos of pressure on your knees and about 50 kilos of pressure on your hips.

There is a way to save yourself thousands of dollars by not needing to have surgery in the future or not having to pay for physical therapy. Save yourself the pain and suffering and do your future self a favour. It is never too late to make a change so you can live a happier, mobile and healthy life 😉

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